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FREE Shipping on ALL Orders >$20 within the USA
FREE Shipping on ALL Orders >$20 within the USA

An exciting start for Red Bear Brands

Wow does time fly by when you're having fun and building a new business! So much to do and almost none of the initial tasks doing anything to move the revenue needle forward. We got going at the end of November, setup infrastructure during December, and we are super excited to launch the new year and new decade with our first two clients, SproutFaster and Cheeba Productions.


SproutFaster is a soil supplement company, specializing in vermiculture, based out of Joplin Missouri. SproutFaster is a family business focusing on the production and distribution of superior quality worm castings to be used for plant food. We are excited to work with them on their sales and marketing efforts, both online and offline.

Cheeba Productions

Cheeba Productions is a design and illustration company, located in Western New York and headed by Craig Howell. Craig Howell founder of Cheeba Productions has over 20 years of experience as a Cover Illustrator and Designer / Creative Director in Publishing, Pro Sports, Entertainment & Music Industries. Working with such clients as Lucasfilm, Time Warner, Universal Music, MLB, NFL, NHL, Clear Channel, Random House, Elektra Records, Interscope Records, Hasbro, Simon & Schuster and many more. Creating for Star Wars, Transformers, Harley Davidson, Volvo with bands including Guns n' Roses, Lil Wayne, Michael Jackson, Queen, Eminem, Bruno Mars, Snoop Dogg, John Mayer, Journey to name a few. He has been involved creatively with multi-platinum albums and best-selling novels alike. In 1999 launched Cheeba Productions a full-service design and illustration studio in San Francisco which now resides in western New York.

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