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FREE Shipping on ALL Orders >$20 within the USA
FREE Shipping on ALL Orders >$20 within the USA

Join Us! - Opportunities to Work with Red Bear Brands

We are a small and distributed team, gearing up to do great things with great people. Put your hat in the ring if you're interested. We are interested in working with contractors and freelancers who specialize in their field(s) and fit with our opportunities available.

If you would like to, send your resume/CV and cover letter to hr/at/ with the subject line "I'm interested in working with RBB"

Pay-per-click (PPC) Strategist / Manager:

  • Experienced with building and managing PPC campaigns on both search and social platforms. 
  • Setup initial brand awareness campaigns for the company as a whole.
  • Setup advertising campaigns for products that we offer, either our own brand or one of those that we represent.

Content Specialists:

  • Experienced in writing content posts for blog or other media exposure
  • Particular experience with product launch and brand awareness
  • Content includes general posts, comparison write-ups, and product/service reviews.
  • Multiple freelancers and contractors work in this category putting out content on several websites at an accelerated pace.