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FREE Shipping on ALL Orders >$20 within the USA - All Puzzles Ship FREE Globally
FREE Shipping on ALL Orders >$20 within the USA - All Puzzles Ship FREE Globally

2 PCS 3 Modes 2-LEDs Waterproof Bicycle Rear Light Headlights Warning


The silicone mount straps are designed with two openings that tightly fit around many size seat posts, handlebars, seat risers, backpacks, helmets and stretch to keep lights secure and firm. They can be easily loosened and fasten, and no tools are required. This bike light set is versatile enough for cycling, hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity and can be used as an emergency flashlight. This is great for cycling at night or in places where visibility and safety are a concern. So, just start your next adventure with us.


  • Made of high elastic waterproof silicone material.  
  • Solid, durable, good extension.  
  • Multifunctional fixed way.  
  • Waterproof design.  
  • Simple installation.  
  • Can be installed the cyclist, the back of the backpack, on a helmet  
  • Can be used as a warning headlights. 
  • Three kinds of switching mode: full bright, flashing quickly, flashing, 3 modes switch can according to your actual demand.  
  • Emergency lighting, outdoor play, mountain climbing, bicycle illumination at night is appropriate. 
  • Power by 1 x button battery (included).
  • Material: Silicone.
  • Flashing Modes: 3(full bright, flashing quickly, flashing)
  • Size: 4.5*3.3*3.3cm(single).
  • Weight: 20g(single).
  • Package Includes 2 x Bike Lights.
  • Package Weight: One Package Weight 0.07kgs / 0.15lb.
  • Please do not irradiate it to human eyes, especially for children, or else, it may cause temporary blindness for the harsh light of the flashlight. 
  • Do not meddle with the head of the torch or separate the reflector and the bulb. 
  • Wipe flashlight with soft fabric after use. 
  • In case of erosion causing roughness of the torch movements, try to clear and air it. 
  • Silicon grease can be applied to the interface. 
  • Remove the battery if not in use for a long period. 
  • Strongly suggest using the battery with protecting board, so that it can avoid over-charge and over-discharge, and protect battery and prolong its service life.