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FREE Shipping on ALL Orders >$20 within the USA

Reversible Cable USB Type A to USB Type C


Our USB to Type C Fast Charge Cable connects your USB-C compatible devices to any computer or charger with standard USB ports. This highly durable military-grade cable is made from tangle-free premium material in conjunction with strong Zinc alloy connector lasting 10X longer than other cables with a 10X more bend lifespan.

Seamless molded joint, gold-plated contacts provide outstandingly reliable conductivity and stability. The interior of this USB C cable is formed by high quality copper wires, shielding shell and the built-in metal-plated layer keep flawless charging and data transfer while prevent electromagnetic interference. Innovative user friendly reversible design allows you to plug both USB and Type C ports without worrying about the orientation. The cable is infused with natural luminous materials to glow in dark make it easier to find and use even with low and no light.

  • Reversible USB and Type C, Plugin any direction, very convenient.
  • Zinc alloy housing of USB and type C connector.
  • special connector molding design, easily connect your device even if your device is with case protected.
  • Reversible Design for Type C connector.
  • Reversible plug orientation & Cable direction.
  • Support Scalable power charging.
  • For Tablet & Mobile Phone & Hard Disk Drive with Type C Male Port.
  • Type-C provides positive and negative plug functionality.
  • For Tablet & Mobile Phone & Hard Disk Drive with Type C Male Port.
  • Product Type: USB Type A Male To Type C Cable.
  • Connector A: Standard Type A Male.
  • Connector B: Standard Type C Male.
  • Part No.: AMZ203391.
  • Color: White.